How to Cut Down a Tree Leaning Against Another Tree

How to Cut Down a Tree Leaning Against Another Tree

Getting rid of a tree leaning against another one is a daunting task, and it is essential that you follow proper safety precautions. It is best to call a professional or hire a bucket truck. You should first plan your escape route, and then select a safe and easy route to reach the tree. When climbing a leaning branch, run behind another sturdy structure or tree. To determine whether the tree is dead or alive, try knocking at it. You can try knocking at different heights to see which one produces the hollowest sound. You should try to find a sweet spot that you can work with.

Once you know which direction to cut, you can start falling the tree. It is usually easier to cut a tree with a forward lean. A back-leaning trunk can be compensated by lifting the trunk off the stump and bringing it up in the intended direction. To avoid the risk of breaking or splitting, use an appropriate felling saw. While it can be dangerous to cut down a slanting tree, it is possible to safely fall down a leaning tree in a few steps.

How to Cut Down a Tree Leaning Against Another Tree

Steps in Cutting Down a Tree Leaning Against Another Tree

To fell a tree leaning against another tree, you should cut off its branches. Once you have removed all the branches, you need to make a notch on the opposite side of the tree’s trunk. This notch should be a few inches below the trunk’s notch so that it can join with the felling cut. Be sure to stay well away from the path of the falling tree to prevent kickbacks.

Once you’ve cut the branches, the next step is to make the final felling cut. After you’ve cut the branches, you should take the next step of removing the tree’s stump. After this, you can begin to rip the tree apart. You may want to call a professional to do the job for you. The process of removing a leaning tree should be safe for everyone involved.

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Once you have cleared the branches, you must now cut the tree that’s leaning against another. If the tree is leaning against a larger, higher one, you need to make two cuts in the ground and then cut the second one in the same way. It’s also important to take care not to fall the second branch into the hole, as it will hit the base of the smaller tree.

Once you’ve cut down the tree and removed the support, you’ll need to move it out of the way. When cutting a leaning against a bigger, higher tree, it’s important to keep safety in mind. If you don’t know how to do this, consider hiring a professional. A professional arborist will be able to safely remove the hung-up trees.

Besides cutting down the leaning against another tree, you should also remove the roots that are causing the problem. In addition to using a chainsaw, you can also use a saw to cut the tree’s bottom face. In this case, you can cut the bottom side first, and then proceed to the top. If you’re not confident, you can use a hammer to drive wedges into the ground.

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If the tree is a large oak, then the first step is to cut a hole. You can use a hammer to cut the tree from both sides, but if you’re cutting against a leaning pine, you should not use the hammer to cut the trunk. Moreover, you should remove any remaining branches that could cause you trouble. Aside from trees, you also need to trim the surrounding bush.


Cutting down a tree leaning against another is a complicated and dangerous job. Fortunately, if you’re careful, it can be done safely. Just remember to use safety precautions to avoid injury. If you’re unsure about the safety of cutting a leaning tree, call a professional. Then you can proceed with the rest of the steps.

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