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Can Raccoons Eat Voles

Can Raccoons Eat Voles? Raccoons will eat any rodent, but they will often scavenge for small ones. If you have a backyard, you can find moles in your garbage cans. But they will also enter your home and create a raccoon problem if you don’t get rid of them. While raccoons may not eat mice, …

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Can Raccoons Eat Leaves

Can Raccoons Eat Leaves? When they eat leaves, raccoons are very likely to use these items as food. They may also use them as firewood. Although research has been limited in this area, it is believed that raccoons eat many different kinds of plants. Leaf litter is one of the most popular items raccoons graze …

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Can Raccoons Eat Bananas

Can Raccoons Eat Bananas? The answer to the question: “Can raccoons eat bananas” is a resounding yes. These animals are omnivores and will happily feed on nearly any fruit and vegetable. Even though they aren’t native to their native habitat, raccoons are known to enjoy bananas because of their sweet taste and nutritious content. However, …

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