hedgehog diet

Can Hedgehogs Eat Grass

Can Hedgehogs Eat Grasses? Can hedgehogs eat Grasses? You bet they can! But how much grass is too much? Luckily, you can easily reduce the cost of food by raising your own insects. Insects are easy to raise and don’t require a lot of space. However, you must remember that hedgehogs like to eat too …

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Can Hedgehogs Eat Ham

Can Hedgehogs Eat Ham? Can hedgehogs eat ham? Yes, you can! Ham is a high-protein and low-fat food for hedgehogs, and they can ingest moderate amounts. They need meals that contain 20 to 50 percent protein and 15 to 20 percent fat. It also contains beneficial minerals and is low in calories. To avoid choking …

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Can Hedgehogs Eat Rice

Can Hedgehogs Eat Rice? Can hedgehogs eat rice? The answer is yes, but it depends on the type of rice you give them. White rice is fine for your critter, but you must make sure to remove any seasoning and other ingredients. Brown rice contains more vitamins and minerals, so it’s a better choice for …

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