Ferret diet

Can Ferret Eat Ground Turkey

Can a Ferret Eat Ground Turkey? Your ferret is a meat eater and can enjoy the taste of ground turkey and ground chicken. Whether you use canned or fresh meat, your ferret will love the taste of the new food. However, before you start feeding your ferret ground turkey, it’s best to remove the skin …

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Can Ferret Eat Live Mice

Can Ferret Eat Live Mice? Unless your ferret has a very small stomach, you should not feed it live mice. A frozen mouse or rat is fine, but the bone tissue is still a risk. Instead, provide your ferret with fresh mice or frozen rats. You should also provide your pet with rodent feeders. However, …

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Can Ferret Eat Vegetables

Can Ferret Eat Vegetables? The question, Can ferret eat vegetables? may be one that you’re thinking about asking your ferret. Fortunately, it is possible! Although it doesn’t have molars, ferrets can eat many kinds of vegetable. Vegetables contain vegetable protein and have low carbohydrates, so they don’t contain any major health hazards. However, too much …

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